The audience have their say…

Really Great! Thanks for finding a way to put these stories + this subject on stage xx


Fantastic intertwining words feelings themes. Well done all!

Powerful words imagery. Moving intimate. Deserves to be on tour.

Excellent. Raised questions that had never previously occurred to me. Intriguing and spellbinding.

Very thought provoking. I thought the use of the blackbird was excellent. Superb acting.

Overwhelming. Please don’t ever stop writing. I think we are all living there too??!!

So enjoyed this – great script & well acted. Love the bird.

Simply marvellous! What an enjoyable and enlightening afternoon. Thank you for your insight and sensitivity Vanessa.

Black Bird. Good acting.



The blackbird was a great addition.

Excellent. Thought provoking. Love the boots.

Excellent acting. Very thought provoking.

Enjoyed your production Vanessa. Makes you think all that time ago still repercussions.

Wonderful casting. Loved the mystery which is very thought-provoking. Magical, Ness!

Very thought provoking. Deserves a wider audience.

I also loved the blackbird (also I cried).

I’m afraid it made me want to visit.

Absolutely brilliant. Very proud.

AWESOME. So detailed. Moving and thought provoking. Beautifully written. So many layers. Loved it.

The people on the bar were lovely.

Haunting & thought provoking. Loved the blackbird.

Loved the weaving of time & space. The inescapability of the past and the poignance of the present. Really incredible.

Interesting + provocative take on a huge subject. Important to keep the debate alive. Well done.

Liked the sense of continuity + hope brought by the blackbird.

Enjoyed the play, loved the bird, loved the poetry. Well done.

Incredible humanity shining through.

Humans are so stupid – bless ’em. Scary and educational. Great storytelling.

Очень перемещаясь, совершенство спасибо для черных дроздов! Hope (Надежда) x – Very moving, thank goodness for blackbirds!  x


Lovely to see such an important piece of history brought into the present in such a poetic way. Very poignant and relevant.


Very engaging, thanks x

I liked how humanising it is rather than presenting the characters as stereotypes with Russian accents. Also: – Stefan was a dick – the old lady was my favourite character (but should have been a cannibal) – the blackbird prop was great.

Beautiful storytelling. Thank you.

Loved how dynamic the characters were. All so much deeper than first appeared. Was Stefan meant to be sympathetic? Because he wasn’t. Loved everything else.

Food for thought. Loved it. Still thinking – smashing performances.

We are at MAC, Birmingham for two performances only this weekend.

Hope to see you there! 

Tickets £10 (£8):


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