SHOWTIME at the Shop Front Theatre

Janice McKenzie as Anna

It’s been a full on week for the team: weekend rehearsals, wardrobe malfunctions, repairs to Beauty, leafleting in Earlsdon (Earlsdon Festival), collecting more bones from Warwick, get-in, tech rehearsal, dress rehearsal, line runs, picking up the bike from King’s Heath (thank you Helen), hours (!) of admin, collecting lighting from the Belgrade (last seen in the old studio theatre), fitting rostra in the Shop Front Theatre, spraying anything that doesn’t move with Flambar, dashing home to walk the dog, cooking Pirogi and hoovering (Vanessa comes from a long line of professional cleaners)…

Janice and Aimee

We were joined by the excellent Anand Chhabra (Black Country Visual Arts) on Wednesday night, who shot these beautiful images.

Jack Richardson (Stefan) & Mary Carey (Aleks)

And opened on Thursday to a full house and post show talk which provided one of our most memorable moments – Nancy’s face when we called her onstage to discuss how she tackled the scale of the play.

Aimee Powell as Nina

Thank you to everybody who came along – your support means a lot to us.

There are still tickets available for tonight (5th May) 7.30 pm

 & Saturday 6th May 2. 30 pm & 7.30 pm

We are also at MAC next week (12th & 13th May) for two performances only:

Running time approx 1 hour


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