‘On Thursday I try to get myself lost in the city centre’.

Beauty 1

Joff, Beauty, Janice, Aimee & Jack

Aimee: I have thoroughly enjoyed the beginning of the rehearsal process. I thought the structure of the week was interesting. Doing the scenes out of chronological order was a new way of approaching text for me. It forced you to come into the scenes without knowledge of the character’s previous emotional journey. I didn’t find this very helpful for me and the way that I learn. It made me unsure of who Nina was and where she was at during first rehearsals of the scenes. However, once we had been through the whole play I was able to make more informed decisions on character and story the second time we visited the scenes. Overall it has been a very relaxed, comfortable and fun first week. 

Beauty 3

Jack with Beauty

Jack: Relaxing! Insightful chat regarding Chernobyl and the incident. Lovely company – happy to discuss the text. Beauty the blackbird is wonderful – new to puppetry but eager to have a play with him! Looking ahead at the schedule keeps me from feeling overwhelmed – we’ve got time and it’s coming along nicely!

Beauty 5

Mark E (director) becomes a tree for Beauty and Mark C

Mark C: So, I’m always pleasantly surprised how lovely theatre people are. Day one, know some people, not others but everyone is open, honest and friendly. AND – we are all, without words, committed to doing our best work. I’m trying hard to get the old brain around the words and the ideas. Mustn’t let all that stop me listening to what people are saying. First weeks always take me back to my training. Thirty – odd years ago I learned things that still help me now. Relax. Feel your feet on the stage. Open your mind. Breathe. On Thursday I try to get myself lost in the city centre. I do this on purpose to be like Aleks. Sadly, by chance, I find my way straight back to the Ellen Terry building!


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