Guest blog post: little moments starting to spark


After so many weeks of planning and discussing, it was a delight to finally get in to the rehearsal room for the first read-through with our fabulous cast. Nancy (our designer) brought the model box along so that we could start the day with a sense of how everything was going to look.


It is always a special moment to hear the words read out and feel the characters start to come alive off the page. Having Vanessa in the room meant that we could have a tea break (she brought some custard creams); it also meant that we could explore the script and the unique world she has created in much more detail, e.g. how the characters cross each other’s paths, sometimes without realising.

In the afternoon we started work on the two central relationships; between Nina (Aimee Powell) and Stefan (Jack Richardson), and between Anna (Janice McKenzie) and Aleks (Mark Carey). This was a time for work on the finer detail of the relationships – the looks, movements, tone of voice that bring out the life of the text – not easy with scripts still in hand, but great to see those little moments starting to spark.

Now we break for Easter (line learning and lots of chocolate). Next week the last (but not least) cast member arrives – Beauty, the Blackbird….

Mark Evans (director).


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