Guest blog post: Nancy gets excited about a Ukrainian tractor driver certificate

It was the day my desk exploded… I am trying to finish the designs for two shows for LAMDA before rehearsals start for All Is Well next week. So my head is a weird heady cocktail of nuclear power station disasters and pirogi pie recipes, the psychology of people who feel the answer to their problems is to take a pot shot at an American President and then sing about it (Stephen Sondheim’s The Assassins) and some very strange behaviour in an Edwardian East Anglian coastal village which may or may not involve spacemen (Edward Bond’s The Sea)… but it seems my work space exploded before my head!

Nancy blog 1

With so much going on it is nice to take a moment to relax and enjoy a little gift from somewhere else in the world (well, I did have to pay for them but it always feels like a present when a parcel arrives in the post). And reflect how small internet retail has made the world, with the click of a button props arrive from the other side of the planet.Perhaps there is a formula for world peace in there somewhere….if only I had time. This weeks treasures, vintage children’s books including genuine soviet era school text books from a lovely lady in the Ukraine who has also sent (and perhaps only I can get excited about this), a Ukrainian tractor driver certificate! I also received this week a Russian toy from the USA (go figure) and he turned up with a free friend (with a slightly disturbing pencil nose?).

2017-04-06 09.28.07 (1)

I love it when a plan comes together, excuse the pun. The ground plans are done.

2017-04-05 13.53.51

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