The Great Ukrainian Bake Off

Pirog, pierogi, perogy, pirogi, pyrih… little did I know when I wrote the following stage direction for Aleks: He starts to unpack the pirogi onto the plate what I’d started.

First there was the lady at the Latvian Food Shop who told Mark Polish pirogi are dumplings with various fillings. Then Anastasia (a very helpful Russian student at Coventry University), told him how to pronounce it properly and that in Russia they are pies that can have either savoury or sweet fillings – a recipe is on the way. Then Nancy said that she had seen some in a shop near LAMDA that looked like small pasties…



You Tube has lots of helpful clips including this one featuring Torvill & Dean’s signature tune (Bolero) and a barking dog (I love dogs):

Then I found this:

Here are some popular proverbs and sayings with the Word pirog in Russian.

  • Пироги ешь — хозяйку тешь!
  • Не красна изба углами, а красна пирогами.
  • Без блина не Масленица, без пирога не именинник.
  • Вот такие пироги.

So, I used an online translation service:

  • Pies eat – the mistress of mascara!
  • The cottage is not red, but red with pies.
  • Without a pancake it’s not Shrovetide, without a pie it’s not a birthday boy.
  • These are the pies.

Which is all very well but I’m talking about Ukrainian pirogi…

So anyway, I’ve had an idea – how about we hold The Great Ukrainian Pirogi Bake Off?

Let me know if you’re interested.

PS I did record an audio file of Mark’s pronunciation but can’t upload it without paying for premium so you’ll have to use your imagination.








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