80’s Soviet Russian ladies knickers (unused)

It all started with an email from Nancy ‘It appears there really is absolutely nothing you cannot buy on eBay!’.

russian knickers blog

I’ve already mentioned Nancy’s model making skills but should also just touch on her unswerving attention to detail. After a call-out on Facebook several very helpful friends offered up a variety of props for the show including some beautiful children’s’ books.

Russian book blog pic

Nancy loved the books but just needed to make sure they were published pre 1986… It turns out she has been in negotiation with a Ukrainian lady (eBay) who is helping her to source children’s science books from the early 80’s. Which is exactly why I love working with Nancy – it only makes it onto stage if it’s absolutely right. Thankfully this carrier bag has passed the ‘Nancy test’ (has to have been manufactured in the last few years).

carrier bag blog

We’re still looking for: wild animal bones (deer,boar, fox, wolf), a folding picnic table (to be carried with one hand), Russian cigarette packets, Russia (branded)  supermarket shopping bags, a traditional ladies  push-bike (with basket), and a pair of Russian felt valenki boots (size 5.5 – 6 with outdoor soles). Do let us know if you think that you can help!


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