Marketing madness

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12,000 flyers, 100 posters, button badges, listing sites, MailChimp campaigns, Facebook, Twitter etc  – the marketing madness goes on…

The first time I ever co-produced a show was back in 1988, A Thing In Your Lap co-written, directed, designed and produced by Thrity Vakil and myself. It was a black comedy about the decline of the NHS – perhaps we should revive it? With no marketing budget (or indeed strategy), and just a handful of handmade posters, we sold out fast.

Nearly thirty years on I’m producing my new play All Is Well. We have resources including an actual budget, a variety of online platforms and a detailed strategy but it seems so much harder to sell tickets. The world certainly feels busier/noisier and people’s attention spans have definitely shortened but I’ve also noticed that less people seem to have developed the theatre habit these days (including theatre students/practitioners). While I admit I do sometimes have to have a break from the theatre and head off to the cinema or an art gallery to get my regular fix of culture, I still manage to see between thirty and fifty shows a year.

So far this year I’ve seen Dick Whittington (Belgrade), Made In India (Belgrade), My Arm (WAC), Art (Old Vic), The Quite Remarkable Adventures of the Owl and the Pussycat (Belgrade), Snow in Midsummer (RSC) and The Road To Huntsville (WAC), and have more tickets lined up on the mantle piece for the coming weeks/months. I would probably have seen one or two more shows but I had a short play at The REP (BOLDtext’s Insatiable) in January and a R&D sharing at the Shop Front Theatre (The Sleeping Place) in February. I’m not claiming to have a great experience at every show but when I do it always makes my day (sometimes year).

So, if you haven’t booked a ticket yet for All Is Well what are you waiting for? Going to the theatre is a very positive habit to adopt.

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4 thoughts on “Marketing madness

  1. I always enjoy going to the theatre, but you are right, I don’t do it enough! I am looking forward to All is Well and building my theatre habit!

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